American River Free Flight
- American River Free Flight - Paragliding and Hang Gliding above the American River, Lotus and Coloma, California

American River Free Flight is Chapter #289 of the USHPA. It was primarily established to supply our landowners with third party site insurance. Our club is ecologically minded and takes its stewardship of our flying site to heart. There is quite a diversity of cross-disciplines within our group. Many of our members are equestrians, hikers, climbers, road and mountain bikers, white water enthusiasts, general aviation enthusiasts, and the list goes on.


There's a wealth of knowledge within our membership and experience that spans back to the beginning days of our soaring sports. We're always willing to take the time to answer questions and share information, whether it's with other pilots or the general public.


Our current Board of Directors:

President - Phil Green

Vice President - Reto Schaerli

Secretary - Dave Hellerstein

Co-Treasurers - Jason Shapiro and Todd Snyder

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